Youth: Approximately 15,000 youth live in the county, with nearly 4,000 in the New Richmond School District. Through local partners and VFW members, the Community Event Center will provide space to offer youth constructive after-school activities and inter-generational experiences in a safe, structured environment.

Support for children after school is limited. After school hours can be lost opportunities to help students grow and develop the skills and competencies to make positive life decisions that can lead to their future success. Youth sports play a critical role in health and wellness, yet challenges include the reduction of school sports programs, fees that limit access, absence of role models, and a lack of transportation.

The facility will serve as a hub for activities, in partnership with youth-serving organizations in New Richmond and the youth sports associations that presently use the athletic fields adjacent to the Center in Freedom Park. Intergenerational experiences involving all users of the facility will be a priority, encouraging veterans, grandparents and other adults to have shared experiences with youth. Technology access will support positive youth development, especially among minorities and youth in low-income families. The Center promises to have a stabilizing effect on the lives of young people, providing a healthy outlet for their creativity, relationships, education and well-being.

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