Approximately 5,000 veterans now live in St. Croix County, with more in the adjacent counties of Polk and Pierce counties. In addition to housing VFW Post offices, meeting spaces and storage for ongoing activities, the Center will offer support for active service members and their families, veterans with disabilities – both physical and mental – and retired service members.

The transition from military to civilian life is challenging for many veterans. Mental health issues are a critical problem, including homelessness, addiction and suicide. By providing an office for visiting therapists from the Minneapolis/St. Paul veterans centers, the Center will make an immediate impact on this growing health crisis. Other services include counseling to help local service members with post-deployment stresses and issues; career counseling; refurbished medical equipment for veterans with health issues and disabilities; guidance for VA benefits; financial assistance for unmet needs of dependents; and meeting spaces for the many ongoing VFW Post 10818 activities. The facility will also be offered to other veterans groups in the region for their meetings and events.

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